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販売社名 kemono japan

運営統括責任者 藤本 敬二

所在地 〒164-0003 東京都 中野区 東中野 1-4-4 1F



お支払い方法 銀行振り込み クレジット(送料代金別払い)

申し込み期限 確認メール後7日以内にお願い致します。


商品受け渡し 注文をうけてから制作している場合入金確認後30日以内で発送。



商品の購入 決済方法











Company Profile
"Display based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law"
Seller name kemono
Aiko Fujimoto, Chief Operating Officer
Address: 2-7-6 T-1 Building 4F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0055, Tokyo
Sales URL
Payment method Bank transfer credit (shipping fee separate payment)
Application deadline Please confirm within 7 days after confirmation email.
If there is no payment within 7 days, it will be cancelled.
Product delivery In the case of bank transfer, if you are producing after receiving the order, it will be shipped within 30 days after payment is confirmed.
Delivery within 7 days of ordering in stock.
Product purchase settlement method
1. Users can purchase products using this service.
2. If a user wishes to purchase a product, he / she shall apply for the purchase according to the method specified by the Company.
3. The core product, etc. between the user and the Company when the acceptance process for the application in the previous paragraph is completed by the Company and an email confirming the contents of the order reaches the user and the transfer is completed. The sales contract for is assumed to be successful.
4). Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the event of unfair or inappropriate conduct (repeated cancellation, withdrawal decline, long-term absence, etc.) regarding the use of this service, the sales contract will be canceled, canceled or otherwise appropriate You can take action.
5. Items will be shipped within 30 days after the order is confirmed. Shipping will be borne by the customer.
About returned goods
1. Please note that we cannot accept returned or exchanged for customer convenience.
2. If there is a mistake in a defective product or our product, our company will take responsibility for dealing with it.
3. Only if you contact us within 10 days after purchasing the defective product.
4. We will respond to the return method by email.
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